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Period Positive Set of 5 pin buttons



There's no shame in periods! Add a touch of personality to your outfits or accessories with our vibrant feminist pins. These top-quality feminist buttons are lightweight, sturdy, and easy to wear.



• They come in a set of 5
• Made of tinplate
• Scratch and UV-resistant mylar coating
• Glossy finish
• Easy to put on

Our set of five feminist pins includes the following empowering designs:

"Anything you can do I can do bleeding" - This pin challenges the stereotype that menstruation is a limitation and celebrates the strength of menstruating individuals.

Uterus with "Not yours" - This pin asserts bodily autonomy and emphasizes that one's uterus and reproductive choices are not up for debate or control.

"It's shark week, bitch" - This playful pin uses humour to reframe menstruation as a natural and powerful phenomenon.

Illustration of used period products - This pin normalizes the sight of period products and promotes acceptance of menstruation as a natural bodily function.

"Compensate women" in red flowing text - This pin advocates for the recognition and compensation of women's labor, both in the workplace and in domestic settings.

Each feminist badge is designed to challenge menstrual taboos and celebrate the strength of menstruating individuals. Lightweight, sturdy, and easy to put on, these pins feature a scratch and UV-resistant coating with a glossy finish, ensuring they're made to last. Add a touch of empowerment to your clothing or accessories with these vibrant period positive feminist badges. Perfect for wearing during your period or any time you want to make a bold statement, these pins are a must-have for anyone who believes in destigmatizing menstruation. Wear them proudly and let your period positivity shine!



Please allow 3-5 business days for production before shipping. Tracking information is provided for all US orders and most international orders. Order your set of 5 feminist pins today and wear your values proudly!


When you purchase our feminist pins, you're not just buying a fashion accessory - you're supporting a sustainable and ethical production process. Our pins are made in a sweatshop-free environment, and each pin is made to order, reducing overproduction and waste. By making thoughtful purchasing decisions, you're helping us make a positive impact on the environment.