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Posted on March 13 2023

Feminism is a movement that has come a long way in the last few decades, but we still have a long way to go. One of the biggest hurdles that feminists face is the societal expectations and standards that are set for women, people of colour and members of the lgbtqia+ community.  We are expected to be perfect in every way, while white, cisgendered heterosexual men are allowed to be mediocre and still be seen as successful. This is the reason why this feminist slogan t-shirt is one of our most popular feminist tees to date. We all deserve the opportunity to be mediocre and thrive! 

This feminist tee is a statement piece that is both humorous and empowering. It's a call to action for women, poc and the queer community to take charge of their lives and their careers with the same level of confidence that mediocre white men have been using to climb the corporate ladder for years. This feminist shirt is a reminder that confidence is not something that should be reserved for a select few. Instead, it's something that everybody should feel empowered to embrace.

Below we have put together five different looks that will inspire you to wear our Seize The Day Tee

 Our feminist slogan t-shirt is a powerful statement piece that can be styled in many different ways. By pairing it with simple, classic pieces and minimal accessories, you can let the message of the shirt speak for itself. So go ahead, seize the day with the unearned confidence of a mediocre white man – or better yet, with the earned confidence of a strong, empowered you! 

You can grab this empowering t-shirt today.



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